Friday, 4 July 2014

Advantages Of Acoustic Windshields

In a fast urbanizing society sound is one of the most significant causes of stress and fatigue. The irony here is that sound is a silent killer and most people do not know its significance. Sound on its own is meaningless unless it impacts us. Sounds at high intensity levels can cause fatigue and can also be extremely painful if people are exposed for a longer period to them. Typically sounds of greater than 60 DB start affecting us adversely.

Nowadays people spend a lot of time in their cars and would like a quieter environment while driving. In an increasing chaotic world that is getting noisier by the day, especially the traffic, there is a need for calmness and tranquility. More so inside the car considering the amount of time people send commuting and travelling.
Noise or sound is transmitted through:-

Vehicle's glazing
Air striking on the edges of the vehicle's body panels
Other vehicle and environmental noise
Road noise and vibration

The wind/rain and traffic noise can cause distraction to the drivers. It can also cause fatigue after long hours of driving. Today the drivers and the passengers want a quite environment inside the car so that they can enjoy their music, read a book or have a nice conversation inside the vehicles.

One of the ways to reduce the noise is increasing the thickness of glass. This is not very effective ad also adds weight to the vehicle.

This is where Acoustic glass for automobiles comes into picture. Acoustic glass enhances acoustic comfort - giving a respite from noise by cutting out external sound. It does so by enhancing the performance parameters of glass with respect to noise transmission, viz resonant vibrations and coincidence effect.

There are three layers of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) film in acoustic glass

Two external layers made up of normal PVB layer

One inner (central) layer with specialized PVB composition that dampens acoustic and mechanical vibration

This special construction enables Acoustic glass to perform better than normal PVB when it comes to cutting out noise and sound transmission loss. Nowadays the vehicles can be quiet and free of road and traffic noise. Acoustic windshields ensure optimum cabin comfort which results in health and safety of the drivers and the passengers.

Apart from noise cancellation, acoustic windshields help in reducing fuel consumption and carbon - di -oxide emissions.


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